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Fish Pump System – gentle, fully automatic transport of live fish

Maskon Fish Pump System is a complete solution for automatic and gentle fish transport. The pump can be used stand-alone, optional you can install Maskon Vaccuum Tank for long pump runs, or if you have an air problem in your pipes, as you tend to get in the final phase of emptying a tank.

Can be connected in series if you have large lifting heights
For large lifting heights, Maskon Fish Pump can be connected in series. The pumps are automatically synchronized with each other. They also communicate with the vaccine machine, and automatically deliver the right amount of fish according to the need for the vaccination. Everything can be controlled from the vaccine machine.

How does the Fish Pump work?

• The pump automatically ensures a fixed transport speed and an even fish-flow at any level in the fishtank. The system also ensures that the level in the fish-tank is maintained.
• The set point on the volume-sensor is controlled by the amount of fish is in the buffer-tank, but can also be controlled by the operator when grading / moving fish.
• If you get air into the pump, it will prime automatically.
• You can also equip the system with a sensor that monitors the level in the fish-tank. This enables the system to regulate the water level in the fish-tank during production breaks. (e.g. at the end of the day/overnight).

YouTube: Maskon Fish Pump System

Automatic Fish Pump Station 

The automatic Fish Pump Station is optimized for eels and fish. The system can be equipped with 1, 2 or 3 pumps. These pumps are automatically regulated in relation to the amount of water entering the system. From floor to fish in, it is only 22cm. The system is equipped with automatic priming and transparent pipe out so that the operator can easily see how the pumping is going. The system is equipped with a separate PLC and touch screen to operate the pumps. The system can also be connected to the Maskon Vaccination Machine. 

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