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Fish pump

Skala Maskon’s Fish Pump System can pump water and fish with an even number of fish. Automation regulates the adding of water, so that the fish tank will not get flooded.

How does it work?
• The pump automatically ensures a fixed transport speed and an even fish-flow at any level in the fishtank. The system also ensures that the level in the fish-tank is maintained.
• The set point on the volume-sensor is controlled by the amount of fish is in the buffer-tank, but can also be controlled by the operator when grading / moving fish.
• If you get air into the pump, it will prime automatically.
• You can also equip the system with a sensor that monitors the level in the fish-tank. This enables the system to regulate the water level in the fish-tank during production breaks. (e.g. at the end of the day/overnight).

YouTube: Maskon Fish Pump System

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