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Fish egg sorter

In the past, eggs that had either not been fertilized or had failed to develop properly had to be removed manually during the sorting process. With a Maskon Fish Egg Sorter, you can do the job much faster and more accurately than is possible by hand.

The machine is now further improved in this new and more compact version.

Save time and money

The Maskon Fish Egg Sorter has a proven record of replacing existing automatic sorting technology and eliminating the need for additional manual sorting, a monotonous and tiring job that not many people are willing to do. The finished product is ready to market sooner, as the expensive hours spent on manual sorting are cut out. The machine can be integrated into a modern transportation system for eggs, or set up as a “stand alone” unit with its own tank. One operator may operate several machines, or have other responsibilities in addition. It all adds up to a great investment!

Greater accuracy and higher quality

The machine takes up to six images of each egg, if required - from both sides of a ratchet wheel. A computer classifies the quality of the egg based on a number of criteria; unfertilized, size, pin eyes, coagulations and, of course, dead eggs.

Detailed reporting

As the Maskon Fish Egg Sorter works by computer analysis, itis easy to retrieve statistics and reports, such as the number of eggs by quality class, size, etc. The machine is also prepared for database management. The report is detailed and is a very god documentation to include to the delivery.

For more information about the fish egg sorter, see product information. 

More information

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