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About us

Creative problem solver - complete, customized automation systems

We, Maskon, is a Norwegian company that has specialized on projects, designs and manufacture solutions for special machines, robotization and automation for different industries. Material handling and vision-based technology are among our core businesses. We work in several areas, from pure consultant assignments to turn-key solutions. Maskon has a strong focus on development and tailoring - the solutions we offer are often developed to solve specific requirements from the customer. 

Creative problem solver

Maskon's solutions are used for very different tasks - such as part production for electric toothbrushes, robotized cheese handling, and vision-based systems for sorting salmon and trout eggs. What these tasks have in common is that they often eliminate laborious or heavy manual tasks.

We like to look at ourselves as "creative machine builders" who use the technology that is best suited for the task to be performed. This enables us to deliver solutions based on a wide range of technologies, from pure machine designs to systems based on robots and vision technology. 

Robot-based solutions, together with vision technology (machine vision), are particularly exciting and there are many opportunities! Maskon has supplied 60-70 different robot installations. The company largely uses MOTOMAN robots when we develop robot-based solutions for our customers.

Give us your challenges!

Maskon is as its best when we get challenges that require a little extra - especially when it comes to tailoring and creativity. We combine standard components and customized solutions depending on what solves the task most efficiently! Contact us preferably early in the process of consulting. When we can map together what the tasks and goals are, the results will usually be best!

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